Audio Conference Bridge - VoiceBridge

VoiceGate VoiceBridge - a powerful voice conference tool. VoiceBridge makes it easier, safer, and more cost effective to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers anytime and anywhere. Offers enhanced Audio conferencing services to get most out of your business meetings and to reduce travel costs. Organize multiple conference meetings to effectively handle group meetings and events.

The product enables quality monitoring by recording call information such as Conference ID, Member ID, Member Name, Member Type, Digits Entered, and Current Status for every conference call.

VoiceGate Voice-Bridge allows individual / groups to come across single platform and share idea. It’s like virtual conference room where every participant share his own voice and can be listen by other participant.

Audio Conferencing is voice-only communication allow user to join a conference via telephone call using any telephone device like Extension, Direct Line, Mobile phone. VoiceGate VoiceBridge is Open Architecture, Scalable, Flexible and customised platform that connect multiple people ( few to many hundreds ) together.

Depending upon the role of participant, VoiceGate VoiceBridge allow participant to talk / listen. Participant can Raise a Hand by pressing predefined code that notify organisor. Upon request apporval participant can talk. Organisor has rights to Add particiapant any time, Extend the conference time, Change the role, Mute or Unmute the people, Reconnect the participant or Remove from conference.

Server – web client application help meeting organisor to manage the conference, accept the hand raise request, change the participant role, Mute / Unmute the participant, add or remove or reconnect participant, add group, create / edit a meeting event.

Features & Benefits

  • Hassle free audio conference system
  • Support "Meet-me-conference" or "Progressive Conference" or "Preset Conference".
  • Unmatched capacity to accommodate large audience
  • Record the conference call
  • Self service web portal
  • Role base access
  • Add-participant on adhoc basis