Enterprise Voice Logger Solution



VoiceGate Vlog-Ex is B2B and B2C call recording solution that collect, evaluate and record all voice communication of an organization. It allows real time conversation review or historical conversation review or share files via email.

This system is specifically designed & develop to meet the mission critical needs of an business. VoiceGate Vlog-Ex system scales and adapts from single centers to multiple sites, networks and multi-media calls. It has the ability to integrate with other systems for expanded data collection, have flexible recording and storing options, quickly locate recorded communications and have the ability to easily share information within a secured network.

VoiceGate is the pioneer in voice processing solutions in the country and has been consistently measuring up to the expectations of its client.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, Scalable and Flexible
  • Solution for every need : Support TDM, IP, PRI, Digital Extension, Wireless Radio, Turret recording.
  • Recording methodology : Active and Passive ( BIB, SIPREC )
  • Record always, Record on Demand, Policy Base recording, Selective recording
  • Compatible with almost all telephony
  • Superior Voice Quality Recording
  • Voice security with Voice encryption protect your data from unauthorized access
  • Best Industry Compression helps fast data movement.
  • Easy graphical interface with search engine to locate your record in no time
  • Instant play back help business to quickly resolve the dispute and faster the delivery.
  • Ability to control access ( Role base access ) with strong password policy
  • Auto back-up, Auto Archival, Manual back-up
  • Event base Email notification improve system uptime and avoid data loss.
  • Server - client & Server – web client
  • Robust Design – 3 layer Redundant architecture
  • Centralized Monitoring : Central data depository for multi setup architecture
  • Many value added module specific to Industry & Integration such as CTI, API,SMS ,Email, CRM, Pop-up ,CDR, AD, Encryption Key ....