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Our Services


Best-in-class solutions for Telcos

VoiceGate is a technology-driven organization. We deliver solutions to customers using the products that are best suited to their needs. Our strategic partnerships include collaborations with Indian Telcos and combining state-of-the-art solutions to benefit our customers. VoiceGate, an Indian leader in telecom engineering and technology consulting, provides support to its clients for developing strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and its allied systems.

Out Bound Dialing (OBD)

Run successful sales campaigns to generate increased reach and customer awareness

In Bound Dialing (IBD)

Now, capture your target audience responses to further provision the extensive sales and services

Pre-Call Alerts

An integrated communication tool


Multilingual integrated messaging platform with USSD Gateway that simplifies service discovery

Subscription Management Platform

Unified platform for the implementation and administration of complete subscriber life cycle management

Missed Call Service

A carrier grade system deployed in the Operator’s network to explicity notify subscribers about the missed phone calls

Profiling Engine

Intelligent engine, automatically learns user profiles (interests, preferences and behaviours) by aggregating traces of converged services


Automated collaborative filtering agent that segments subscribers based on a specific business case


Surveillance mechanism that tracks inactive subscribers and notifies once they are back on network for retention and target promotions


A complete CRBT provisioning system much more than the conventional caller tune

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service to notify partners, contractors and employees using networks across operators


Ready solution to implement, manage and run VAS Top-Up services

Telecom Offerings for Enterprises

VoiceGate Software Enterprise Product Catalogue is designed to help Communications Service Providers to deliver innovative, profitable products at a lower cost and in less time. Furthermore, our products are scalable, modular, comprehensive and easy-to-use. Our experience enables us to continuously provide best-in-class sales support and educational training for key enterprise telecom services.


IVR based payment system allows to pay for services provided by a bank or online portal

Customized IVRS

Customized Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and related services especially crafted to meet your business requirements

Call Recording

Collect, evaluate and report your corporate voice communication

Contact Center Solution

Unified platform for both inbound and outbound call campaigns to offer customer-centric excellence and work force optimization

Complaint Booking System

Easy-to-use compalint booking system to efficiently handle a complete complaint management life cycle

Super Receptionist

One-stop business call management to track and evaluate your business leads

Bulk SMS

Lightning-fast and yet a reliable bulk SMS service with advanced web based solution. Caters to any type of transactional and promotional bulk SMS requirements


A sophisticated gateway platform integration to send both transactional and promotional SMS

Call Conference

A powerful voice conference tool, helps in conducting the state-of-the-art business conferencing services

Voice Mail System

A centralized system to keep voice-based external and internal communications flowing seamlessly and efficiently

Digital FAX

Client application that runs synchronously with any FAX server

Development & IT Offerings for You

We provide world class services by creating innovative solutions based on our extensive knowledge and long, successful experience in the area of the Information Technology Strategic Planning to leverage IT consulting and IT enabled services with quality and satisfaction to our customers. Whether a business requires readymade solutions, on-demand engineering support or customized application development that fits the business needs, we deliver a successful solution to our clients.

Campus Management System

A campus wide integrated system automates and integrates an institution’s diverse resources, operations and management

Fleet Management

Allows any transport and logistics enterprise to manage all its fleet operations under a single platform

Smart WiFi

A unique solution focused on keeping people connected to free internet at various captive locations

Customized App Development

Custom mobile application developments services, builds powerful and high performance apps

Digital Marketing

An array of digital marketing and creative services to build your brand and generate substantial business leads

Internet of Things (IOT)

Customized Internet of Things (IOT) business services that deliver measurable business outcomes

Corporate Intranet

A tool that helps an organization manage its data, applications, and information more easily, and through personalized views

Blocks and Gates

A real estate property management software solution with integrated accounting, marketing and management features

Streaming Platform

Offers end-to-end live streaming video services to broadcast videos