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Pre Call Announcement


Create simple & easy campaigns

Pre-Call Announcement service is a technological solution that plays recorded messages for promotional or informational activities of a mobile operator to an originating number (Caller) before outbound routing takes place. Providing information to a caller of any additional charges before proceeding with the call would be one form of pre-call announcement. After the pre-call announcement, the call proceeds as normal  to the outbound side (receiver). VoiceGate’s Pre-Call Announcement service allows the administrator to define a set of business rules for every announcement campaign. These campaigns can be altered before the announcement activity starts or in real-time.

Call Flow

Optimising & Improving Flows

  1. Party A (Caller) dials the number of Party B (receiver)

  2. Call travels through the BTS (Base Transceiver Station), BSC (Base Station Controller), and MSC (Mobile Switching Center) of the caller’s operator to the IVR Server

  3. IVR Server plays the recorded product promotion prompt to the caller and then routes the call back to the caller’s MSC

  4. Caller’s MSC then connects to the receiver’s MSC

  5. Receiver’s MSC connects the call to the receiver’s mobile phone

Features & Benefits

  • Play the announcements only during a particular time of the day

  • Configure any set of business rules to play announcements in real-time

  • Schedule announcements

  • Customize the announcements to play for every alternate call

  • Play various announcements that are versatile in nature

  • Simple, robust, and customizable solution

  • Zero dependency on the make and model of the mobile phone

  • Mobile number blacklisting and white listing management

  • Highly soothing prompts that deliver pleasant announcements to customers