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Contact Center Solution


Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution (CCS) acts as unified platform for existing or new contact center business. VoiceGate’s CCS is a standards-based and complete contact handling solution for the contact centers that combines the call center communication systems like IVR and ACD to cater to a variety of process driven call center applications such as customer support, financial services, utilities, telemarketing and sales, collections, healthcare, technical support, marketing research, consumer products industries, helpdesk etc.

As a unified platform, CCS delivers wide-ranging solutions like Automatic Caller Distribution, IVR Assistance, Call Queuing, Screen Pop-Up, Automatic Dialing, Voice Logger, Live Monitoring, Quality Monitoring, MIS Reporting, Customer Management, Optimum Utilization of man power etc. The extended abilities of automatic call distribution based on factors like policy-based call routing, Agent’s Most Idle Time, Campaign Level Call Queuing and Supervised Call Transfer makes VoiceGate’s CCS a unique solution for contact centers.

Loaded with Features

Call Distribution

Distributes calls automatically on various factors like agent call status, extension status, caller input, campaign, department, language, most idle agent, policy, and skill base routing.

Advance Call Queuing

Facilitates multiple campaign level call queuing with advanced features like queue message, expected wait time and queue number announcements

Quality Monitoring

Enables contact centers to efficiently and effectively administer quality monitoring by thoroughly evaluating agent performance

Realtime & On-Demand

Enables Real-time, continuous and on-demand recording of telephone conversations to cater to various call tapping requirements of an organization

Usability & Integration

Supports TDM, CTI and Database integration & facilitates server and client level administration for enterprise level usability

Advance Reporting Tools

Generates web and stand-alone reports for administrator and agent for business and agent evaluation

Quality Monitoring

Enables contact centers to efficiently and effectively administer quality monitoring by thoroughly evaluating agent performance

Easy Agent Training

Powerful agent training, monitoring and supervising tool Remarkably reduces costs by optimum utilization of workforce

Benefits that give flexibility to you.

  • Flexible User Control

    Flexible enough to customize the solution at every possible level to accommodate process owners, agents and supervisors specific preferences and expectations

  • Information Control

    Supports single window access to information that flows in and out of contact centers

  • EPABX Compatible

    Compatible and configurable with all types of EPABX

  • Automated Recording

    Automatic and manual recording of telephone conversations to cater to need based recording requirements with utilities like backup and playing the file from the native application

  • Scalable

    Robust and Scalable solution