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About VoiceGate

VoiceGate Technologies India Private Limited is a fast growing IT and telecom solutions provider, which helps companies achieve their strategic goals and improve operational excellence. Setup in 1998 by respected industry professionals, we are widely admired today for our client-focused approach and innovative end-to-end solutions.


We combine the best in technology, engineering and domain expertise to help our clients address a diverse range of business challenges. Deep inside, we believe that technology is not just an important enabler but also a fundamental differentiator for companies to succeed in today’s intensely competitive environment.

At VoiceGate, our core capabilities are organized into two verticals: Telecom and Enterprise. We leverage the significant depth and breadth of our competencies in these areas to develop highly customized, reliable and scalable technology solutions with a central focus on adding tangible value.


Leading clients across industries have repeatedly trusted VoiceGate to implement critical, next-generation solutions including emergency management systems, unified messaging platforms, customized IVR-based business solutions, auto dialers, content management systems, text-to-speech applications and various other cutting-edge mobility solutions.

Driven by a collaborative approach, VoiceGate develops tailored solutions that play on the strengths of our clients. We focus on making sure our applications integrate well with existing IT systems to bring new and transformative capabilities for them. From a technology standpoint, our solutions are built on advanced technologies to offer best-in-class user experience and security.


VoiceGate believes in being on the side of clients and objectively advising them on the best approach and technologies that will helps them achieve their business imperatives. Our unique and comprehensive project management framework allows us to execute our ideas to perfection.

VoiceGate Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

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VoiceGate Mission

Our mission statement

We at Voicegate, believe in a 3 point agenda – Developing, Connecting and Growing. We strive each day to achieve progress that is not only path-breaking but also sustainable. Business technologies in Telecom and Enterprise stand to be our core capability. We leverage our teams’ technological expertise to develop highly customized, reliable and scalable solutions with a central focus on adding maximum value.

Our Achievements

Achieving our goals since 1998

Developing unique approaches in business technologies has always been our forte since our inception in the year 1998. We combine the best in Technology, Engineering and Domain expertise. Hence, we work very hard to develop technologies that can give an edge in diverse business environments. We are best in technology, engineering and domain expertise to help our clients address a diverse range of business challenges.

Meet Our Experts

Syed Mohammad

Syed Mohammad

Managing Director

Syed Mohammed is the Founder and Managing Director of VoiceGate, which he started in 1998. An entrepreneur at heart, with sharp focus and determination, he quickly gained an immense reputation among business partners and customers. In addition to his main responsibilities in running the company and setting overall business strategy, he remains actively involved in the engineering, design, and product teams within the organization.


Subrahmanyam CH.V

Director Service Delivery

Brings in 35 years of experience in telecom industry and has overall responsibility for ensuring delivery of operational excellence across all business verticals of VoiceGate. In addition, Mr. Subramanyam has extensive project management skills, which includes providing leadership to the operations team in supporting the data center infrastructure, servers, storage and managed service environment.